Saturday, February 2, 2013

NoGrinch's Flower Fringe Scarf

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A friend showed me how to make this scarf.  I searched the web for a pattern and couldn't find anything similar so decided to write up a pattern.

Basically this is a large crocheted flower (about 5" across) with 4 long loops of chain stitches coming from the flower.  To wear the scarf, position the flower on your chest, wrap the loops around your neck and then insert the loops into the hole in the center of the flower.

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Size: Flower motif 5” across, total scarf length 46”

Bulky Weight yarn
(I used Lion Brand Homespun, Color 345 Corinthian in the second picture)
 Approx. ½ skein
Crochet Hook, size K

Abbreviations used in this pattern:
beg = beginning
ch =chain
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
sl st = slip stitch

Work the entire scarf without turning work at the end of each row.
You will work with two strands of yarn held together for part of the scarf.  Either use two balls of yarn or work with both ends of yarn coming from the skein, using one from the center and one from the outside.

Floral Motif:
Using one strand of yarn:
Ch 9. Sl st in the first ch to form a ring.
Round 1:  Work 12 sc in ring.  Sl st to join to beg of round.
Round 2:  Work 2 sc in each sc.  Sl st to join to beg of round.
Round 3:  (Ch 4, skip 3 sc, sc in next st) repeat all the way around = 6 petals total.  (You can increase the number of chain stitches if you’d like larger petals.)
Round 4:  Into each flower petal work the following:  (sc, hdc, 6 dc, hdc, sc.)  Repeat all the way around.  Join with a sl st.
(Rounds 5 and 6 are optional.  For a single row of flower petals omit rounds 5 and 6.)
Round 5:  Without turning work and working behind the flower petals you just created, repeat round 3, attaching sc in an empty sc from round 2.  This will create a second row of petals behind the row you already stitched.
Round 6:  Into each flower petal work the following:  (sc, hdc, 6 dc, hdc, sc.)  Repeat all the way around.  

Body/Fringe/Legs of Scarf:
Using two strands of yarn:  (You will now work behind the flower you just created.  Holding the flower facing you, fold the petals at the top of the flower forward and work into the back of the petal located to the left of the space where you just finished your last sc.)

Attach the second strand of yarn.  Holding two strands of yarn together, make 4 long chains, attaching each end back up to the base of the flower.

First loop:  Sl st in the next st to the left on the base of the back petal.  Make a long chain (chain 200 = approx. 82 inches long.)  Sl st in the same space as the beginning of this chain, creating a long loop.
Continue making 3 more fringe loops, attaching each one in the stitch to the left of the one previously worked.  This scarf looks better if you make the loops varied lengths.

Note: to make a shorter scarf, approx. 41 inches in length, decrease fringe chains to 170 stitches

(Alternate flower pattern: crochet the  flower motif as above with the following changes: on flower round 3 - chain 5 for each petal, then in flower round 5 - chain 4 for each petal.  This looked nice.)

NoGrinch's Gryffindor Scarf

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Here's the pattern for my knit Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf. Enjoy!

Find this pattern on Ravelry

Supplies:Needles: US 8 - 5.0 mmYarn:  Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn in Cranberry and Sungold
Finished Size: 7" x 59"
Instructions:Size 8 needles CO 44, connect in the round Knit: 30 rows Burgundy 10 rows Gold 10 rows Burgundy 10 rows Gold Repeat this pattern, ending with 30 rows Burgundy Add patch (purchased on eBay) and fringe.